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5 Things You Should Know About #Hashtags On Facebook

You see them on the news and other network television shows. They are mentioned on commercials and on radio spots. They are used in magazine advertisements. They are used abundantly on the social networking platform Twitter. We are talking about hashtags, that little “#” that has integrated itself into our daily life enabling millions of individuals across the world to find and discover topics of interest and engage in a conversation that could potentially be read by millions. Most recently, Facebook hashtags have joined the party as businesses realize that its marketing value extends far past the Twitter platform.

1. Hashtags as clickable links improve reach and exposure.

Facebook recently made changes to its programming that turns Facebook hashtags into clickable links. Clicking the link reveals a feed of posts that also utilize the same hashtag. What this means for businesses is improved exposure to consumers that might not have otherwise seen your post or been aware of your business.

2. Use Facebook hashtags for topics related to your business or brand.

By using hashtags in front of keywords or keyphrases related to your business, others interested in that topic will find your posts, and subsequently your business. The visibility enhancement process for your business becomes much easier with much less effort on your part. Additionally, if you have already have a strong brand, you should hashtag that as well, for promotional and marketing purposes.

3. Keep posts related to hashtags informative and interesting.

The Facebook hashtag is what originally attracts consumer interest—now you need to hold that interest with valuable content. A clever idea is to combine your brand name with a fun idea—for example, if your brand is AAA Auto, you might post informative content under the hashtag #AAAautotips. This tells your followers that they may gain valuable information by following that hashtag, and you also enjoy increased brand awareness.

4. Use the reach information found under the Facebook insights section to show how well your Facebook hashtags are doing.

You’ll be able to see which hashtags and posts are the most popular and which ones might need improvement.

5. Use hashtags for special promotions or news across multiple platforms.

Facebook hashtags can also be used to link to information about promotional events, press releases or news. Hashtags on multiple platforms such as Twitter and Pinterest can be used to link to your Facebook account.

Remember, hashtags need to be utilized as one word. Try not to utilize Facebook hashtags that are too generalized or you may find that many others also use the same hashtag.

For more information on marketing your business using Facebook hashtags, contact the Senay Johnson Marketing Services Group today at 1-877-414-7773, or request a consultation online.

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