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Senay Johnson

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“Do What You Love ... let us take care of the rest.”

-Senay Johnson

“We take the stress out of marketing so you can get back to running your business...”

Brand Reputation

branding for small business

In a dynamic, competitive industry landscape, strong and impressive branding can make all the difference. Senay Johnson has the expertise to help you “create a brand your clients will love” through your website, brand reputation and perception...

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Lead Generation

lead generation

Do you know how your lead generation dollars are being spent? How can you maximize return on investment? Senay Johnson has the answers to your questions—we offer tried and true lead generation programs for organizations of any size in any industry...

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Outsourced Marketing

Big budget marketing campaigns are not the answer for small and medium sized businesses. Does that mean innovative, creative marketing is out of reach? Not if you outsource your marketing to Senay Johnson whos goal is to ensure your marketing really works...

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Full Service Marketing Firm in Atlanta

Senay Johnson offers the full spectrum of traditional and digital marketing services for B2B and B2C companies in the Greater Atlanta Area. Our time tested marketing strategies and skillful implementation have served clients well across a multitude of industries delivering tangible, measurable return on investment each time. We Focus on:

  • Defining specific strategies for your key target audience groups
  • Identifying the right channels to use
  • Accelerating lead generation with a process-driven approach
  • Crafting marketing communications that engage
  • Setting benchmarks and KPIs that put you ahead of the competition
  • Determining the right measurement metrics to monitor ROI
  • Testing, evaluating and refining marketing strategies at key stages

Companies struggle with multi-channel marketing campaigns that often mimic a juggler’s act of spinning plates. As branding and marketing consultants, our team at Senay Johnson keeps those plates from falling.

As David Packard, co-founder of Hewlett-Packard once said, “Marketing is too important to leave to the marketing department.” And that’s why our clients rely on us as their trusted business partners and advisors—together we work towards winning strategies that make our client organizations stand out in the cluttered, highly competitive, fast-paced world of modern marketing.

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